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As you know, English is now in demand almost everywhere, when entering the university, when searching for prestigious work, for traveling around the world, even to find useful information on the Internet. We study it for a long time: at school, at university, then at courses or with a tutor.

For many, this takes a lot of time and turns into a problem you learn English long and painfully.

But, in fact, everything is not so sad. Of course, there is a solution, and in this article we have gathered practical advice for you to learn English. The english learning books online can help a lot in this case.

  1. Set a goal for yourself

In order to succeed, it is very important to set a clear goal. It is important not only to determine why you want to learn the language, and in what way, but also to establish short terms for the implementation of a plan for self-study of English in order to go forward to your goal.

  1. Practice daily

It would seem that this is the most obvious advice on learning English, but it really works. Turn English into an exciting hobby that you can practice every day. This should not be a long time for 1.5 – 2 hours. Just give yourself 20-30 minutes to learn something new.

  1. Mix different kinds of tasks

We all know that people differently learn and remember information: for someone you just need to listen and remember the fact that interests them, and someone will want to write down and read the necessary information a little later.

Of course, you can use only one method, but do not forget about the diversity. You cannot learn a foreign language, learning the rules, or just reading texts. Use the whole arsenal. Download and install the application for learning the language on your computer or mobile, listen to your favorite songs (while not forgetting to sing along), watch your favorite TV shows or movies in English, make suggestions, communicate with a native speaker in Skype or Viber, make cards with words, read interesting articles in blogs.

  1. Use online resources

The Internet is full of resources for learning foreign languages, especially English. Watch online training videos , listen to radio broadcasts, watch international news on the BBC channel, play educational games, take part in various lectures and seminars from the company Coursera . Everyone can find something for himself.

  1. Communicate with the native speaker

One of the best practical tips for learning English is to communicate with a native speaker, especially now to find a native speaker of a foreign language and communicate with him quite simply.

The network has many communities offering assistance in learning. Register and chat with other people on Skype. Choose the most interesting topics for you and go for it. We guarantee that this will be a useful experience.

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